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Parlé vous Francais?

French Themed Degustation

29th November 2018
6 Course Meal
7 Different Wines

2018 has taken us around Australia, to Italy and even back to the 70’s so far. This November, we’ll be heading back to Europe to delve deep into the elegant simplicity that is French food and wine. From Provence to Burgundy, no stone will be left unturned on our journey for culinary greatness!

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Our Story

Wooden Horse boasts a unique dining experience that has everything the city centre has to offer, right in the heart of Clayfield. Two brothers, trained as chefs in different corners of Brisbane, have joined forces to make all this possible.

The Venue

Using the freshest local produce, we have the space to give classic dishes a modern twist without compromising quality and that unmistakeable flavour we all came to love in the first place.

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Weekly Specials

Steak Wednesdays

250g cut of choice served with 2 sides and sauce.

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$15 Pizza Tuesdays

Come in for our wide range of pizzas and additions.

BYO School Nights

We want to see those brown bags and dusty bottles! *$5pp corkage fees apply.

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Carole H

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